We Deserve More, poetry by Linda M. Crate at Spillwords.com
Mareko Tamaleaa

We Deserve More

We Deserve More

written by: Linda M. Crate



what is the value of a human heart?
i don’t know if that can truly
be measured,
yet i know our worthiness is more
than what we oft receive;

corporations and politicians are greedy
and they’ll both have you feeling meaningless
if you measure yourself by the impossible
standards of the world—

a person should be measured not by their career
or political influence but rather by how
they make people feel, what they do for others,
how they treat others, if they hold themselves
accountable when they make mistakes, and if
they are truly sorry and sincere when they apologize
for the harm they’ve caused—

i just know i was meant for more than this world
of theirs they insist is the only reality we could know,
i have seen a better world in my dreams and i will get there;

because i deserve more than this—most of us do.

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