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written by: Iliyas Ozigis


We go to war
Is it a war of hate?
No, ’tis a war of love
Not a war in which blood flows on the floor
Is this war our fate?
Yes, fight we must until the circle loses its curve

Our war knows no border
In this war there’s no brother
In this war religion is a strange word
In this war we all draw our sword
In this war we lose our sentiments
In this war we fight to win contentment

We fight till injustice is killed and laid to rest
We all give our best
This day, discrimination is mangled
Bigotry is smuggled
Spirituality is trampled
Race is humbled
And Love is bubbled

We attack the enemies with one mind
For we are ONE PEOPLE
And we declare our victory
Not for one
But for all

We go to war with hearts empty
And identities forgotten



Personally, I believe that the world will be a better place if there is unity, justice and equality. Anyone who reads this poem should take home the message and promote this virtues anywhere he/she finds himself/herself.

Iliyas Ozigis

Iliyas Ozigis

Iliyas Ozigis holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in English in the second-class upper division, from the Department of English, University of Abuja, Nigeria where he graduated in the year 2016. As his areas of interest, Ozigis writes poetry, short stories, and dramas.
Iliyas Ozigis

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