We The Indoor People, a poem by Dilip Mohapatra at Spillwords.com

We The Indoor People

We The Indoor People

written by: Dilip Mohapatra



Hey you outdoor guys listen
you have only one Sun
and we have many
captive in our cozy little caves
which can be switched
off and on at our will
to enslave the darkness
dancing to our tunes.

Hey you outdoor dudes listen
you breathe the air
that Nature wishes to lavish on you
or even cool off under
the shade of a tree
but we have tamed the air and the wind
captive in the blades of our fans
and in the blowers of our AC.

Hey you outdoor freaks listen
you take a sip of the cool water
from the natural springs
to quench your thirst
without a care
and we have bacteria and salt free water
purified through reverse osmosis and
chilled in our five star rated fridge.

Hey you outdoor aficionados listen
you jog along the beach
climb the mountains
lift the loads and paddle the boats
and we the smarter ones
walk on our treadmill
sweat it out on the Smith machine
within the four walls of our basement.

Hey you outdoor blokes listen
you spend an evening
watching a movie at the drive in
or enjoying an opera at the amphitheater
but we love our recliner
and a book in our hand
or surfing channels on our smart TV
with our furry pet purring on our lap.

But how come
you are so cheerful
and fresh all the time
and we so grumpy
and stale most of the time
your skin glows though tanned
and ours like a pallid parchment
with blotches of red
your breathing so very smooth
and ours laboured
with streaks of asthma?

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