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We The People

We The People

written by: James Dean Collins



We the people, have lost weight
Thanks to a radical diet called, “starvation”
Our cars don’t go as far as they used to,
And neither do our paychecks

We the people can’t afford our homes
Even though we already bought them
My state of the art camping tent
Now rests on the grass I mowed every summer

We the people now work three jobs,
Or even four or five or six
How much money can I get for my blood or seed?
How much can I get for any other part of me?

We the people borrowed too much, too fast
And now they want it back
Except we don’t have it and we never did
So now they need some too.


I think of it as a social commentary piece that holds up after 10 years

James Dean Collins

James Dean Collins

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James Dean Collins

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