Welcome to America, a poem by Sue Marie St. Lee at Spillwords.com
Julius Drost

Welcome to America

Welcome to America

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


Her eyes met mine with fear,
It recognized my confidence.
Not begging for validation,
She shined the light from whence she came.

I saw her light.
I did not know its language or rhythm
But I knew the melody of its flicker.
I knew the song of defeat;
The pain of disbelief.

This woman from a different land,
Landed upon my shore in this instant.

Why did she find me?
Why did she search my angry eyes?

Simply — for the smile I would give to her,
The same smile that welcomed my ancestors
when they landed on Ellis Island.

I did not judge her,
Nor she, I,
For eyes know truth’s reflection.

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