Welcome to America, a poem by Sue Marie St. Lee at Spillwords.com
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Welcome to America

Welcome to America

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


Her eyes met mine with fear,
It recognized my confidence.
Not begging for validation,
She shined the light from whence she came.

I saw her light.
I did not know its language or rhythm
But I knew the melody of its flicker.
I knew the song of defeat;
The pain of disbelief.

This woman from a different land,
Landed upon my shore in this instant.

Why did she find me?
Why did she search my angry eyes?

Simply — for the smile I would give to her,
The same smile that welcomed my ancestors
when they landed on Ellis Island.

I did not judge her,
Nor she, I,
For eyes know truth’s reflection.

Sue Marie St. Lee

Sue Marie St. Lee

Sue Marie St. Lee is a retired Finance Manager realizing her life-long dream of writing professionally. She has been featured in international horror anthologies, Spillwords Press and the Paper Djinn. In the year of the plague, 2020, she is transitioning from the horror genre to Fantasy, Inspirational fiction, and Faith-based fiction while continuing to work on writing the memoir of her late son.
Sue Marie St. Lee

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