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What a Silly Friend

written by: Mr Fun



The trees swayed back and forth.
One of the branches was hovering
awfully close to my friend's head.
Silly friend, I thought.
A sudden gust of wind and that branch
could break and hit you in the head,
rendering you unconscious...or worse.
Unfortunately, that wind did not come.
So, I broke the branch myself and did
the wind鈥檚 bidding, hitting my friend
in the head, sadly only rendering him unconscious.
What a silly friend.

Mr Fun

Mr Fun

Hi there. My name is Sam Hammoudeh. I'm a music producer and writer, but I guess entertainer is the all-encompassing term. I like to make people laugh and move (stir) them emotionally. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it always works on me 馃槈
Mr Fun

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