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What Does Christmas Mean?

What Does Christmas Mean?

written by: Amrita Valan


What does Christmas mean to me?
Seasonal joy and melancholy,
I sit by the fire and toast my feet,
And feel warm and cozy,
Replete with treats.

The month of advent
Birth of hope and love,
Showers of blessings
Raining from above,
But sometimes my eyes
Cannot but see
Children of lesser deities
The hungry faces
Sad eyed wondering
What’s in it for me?

We have two worlds within our worlds,
On Christmas the Haves enjoy,
The Have- Nots work,
And as a special treat
With surprise gifts we greet
The broke back people of defeat.

Haves serve food
As Have Nots eat
They’re not accustomed to
One day, of compassion’s surfeit.
Would it, could it
Last a few days more?
A week,
A month?
Oh no.

The little girl of three gathers
The last crumbs of cake
She’s not taking a chance
For who for her will bake?
The little boy looks longingly
At the festooned Christmas tree,
Underneath are the boxes
Neatly wrapped and labelled.
As he turns away my heart’s disabled.

Oh to do more
To really connect,
Bring His words to life
Bring paradise to earthly gates.

It’s not impossible
This Christmas morn,
Nothing seems so easy
When we’re filled with ecstasy, joyous fun.
We give away when we have excess
Oh but to give when we have less!
Brings Christmas alive
Believe me
Divinity showers
From His eyes.

The cross to bear
By him alone
Becomes our tender crown
When we hold each other
Up, as our own.

My plastic baby Jesus figurine
In gentle holy sleep
How long for mankind
Must you only weep?

Sleep sound and well
You shew us once
How to make a heaven
Out of any hell.

Your birth heralded by
Timeless ageless star
Twinkling whispers,
Redeem each other
Wherever you are.

I will! I will! I will!
Whispers in the dawn
After midnight mass
There is no THEM
But only forever and ever,
One precious “US.”



Often wonder, can the best of our humanity be restricted to one day. Let this Christmas kickstart us to an year of kindness. It is not impossible.

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