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What is Death?

What is Death?

written by: Saurav Sharma


The joke is if you can’t remember what it is called,
you don’t have it;
Death is Alzheimer’s.

Harvesting your summer for a warm winter,
watching it float in flooded monsoons;
Death is Ant.

Willing to grab the sun like a mango,
and squeeze all the juices out of it;
Death is limited.

To be free everywhere and yet be in chains,
with no leash around;
Death is freedom.

In the arms of your truest lover,
flawlessly moving on the melodies of silence;
Death is dance.

More committed than a lovers promise,
More sensual than warm breath on bare skin,
Veins running with cold blood;
Death is passion.

Gatherings, and rituals, and rites of cremation;
Death is expensive.
Killing more problems than pack of cigarettes;
Death is affordable.

Sweeter than a thousand illusions, dreams, lies,
the only realm unknown to man;
Death is truth.

A journey over the wheels of time and a window seat;
Death is one-way ride.

To be, and not to be
Air, Water, Earth, Sky, Fire
Death is meditation.

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