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What is Life?

written by: Nilutpal Gohain



What is life?
Is it the heartbeat?
That says you are alive
The system is working
Breathe the oxygen inside
Nothing else matters
Lub-dub is by your side

What is life?
Is it the ability?
To survive with the guilt
Of treachery and corruption
Ashamed of yourself
Yet everyone sees
Success by your side.

What is life?
Is it the strength?
To stand upright
With tremendous pressure
Of failure and loss
Not to commit suicide yet
Depression by your side

What is life?
Is it the warmth?
Affection of the near ones
The feeling of contentment
With unfilled stomachs
Yet a weak smile and
Empty pockets by your side.

Nilutpal Gohain

Nilutpal Gohain

I am a bureaucrat by profession and currently working in the cooperation department of Assam as Assistant Registrar of coop societies. Writing is my passion and few of my short stories and poems have been published in magazines and journals. I love traveling and reading.
Nilutpal Gohain

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