What Resides in My Heart: Beauty Only Partially Perceived, poetry by Debra Black at Spillwords.com
Valeria November

What Resides in My Heart

 What Resides in My Heart:

Beauty Only Partially Perceived

written by: Debra Black



Part One

turquoise green love
shape-shifting thoughts,
feelings, perceptions,
essence, bound and unbound,
all rooted and unrooted.

a landscape of motion and (emotion)
sparkling prisms of light,
grey-tunneled, over-layered, moored.
rippled, refracted,
reflected, transcendental,
done and undone.

the sea rises up swamping me
and i find myself alone once more, time travelling on a string of pearls.


Part Two

diaphanous layers
stacked; shrouded;
obscured; blurred.

the gentle beauty
within and without
soaked in; socked in;
beclouded; befogged.

seemingly no escape.

the horizon,
edgeless, endless,
enveloping all,
obscuring all.

the beauty
known and unknown
just beyond.
a glimpse.
here. there. gone.

the salt of the sea blinds me again.

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