What Will Be My End, a poem by Richard Ayling
Ahmed Nishaath

What Will Be My End

What Will Be My End

written by: Richard Ayling


In the dark of night, I often consider my end,
to the rituals and mourning we all append.

But to death I ask, will you take me before I have shone,
my world in tatters, forlorn and left undone.

Or will you let me be, to wither in great age,
share with my one, my children, their sage.

Or death will you be cruel and rob my mind,
take my body and make life a grind.

Oh death will I go alone or have people near.
Will they cry and will I hear.
Will it hurt or be relief, will I truly know my others’ grief.

Oh death I have no wish to hear my loved ones weep,
So all I ask is you take me dreamy,
in my sleep.



This poem is my very first attempt at poetry writing. The words came to me in the night as I sat awake when I should have been sleeping and cover a topic I often do consider. Perhaps a little morbid, I am sure I am not the only person to have considered the questions within it. I hope it strikes a chord.

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