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written by: Steven Fortune


they are one
and the same

Just to bemoan
the proximity
of words on paper
to words on a tongue
plants my newborn
on a mirrored podium
of selfishness

I thought I was
routine breath
and token platitudes
in greasy hand-held
But just like holy water
sheds its symbolism
and is sucked back
into nature's cycle
the ink I warm
and nurse my words
to health with
will bore itself
into the impermanence
of paper or a monitor
and what I said
will shed the hope
it may have carried
at a time of

Lottery tickets
are what I'm writing
as I sit here
with my skull
swimming in a pillow
of utopia
nursing a ruptured
slashed down
in a war of wills
with your sadness

I was humoured
with your happiness once
and fooled tonight
by your sadness
I thank you for
a necessary lesson
Clinging to the same numbers
is a Pollyanna policy

Steven Fortune

Steven Fortune

Steven Fortune is the author of five poetry books, and has appeared in several print and online publications, including a feature on CBC Radio. He has also served as a Head Editor for his publisher's company. Steven resides in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Steven Fortune

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