When The Trust Melted, a poem by Troy DeFrates at Spillwords.com
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When The Trust Melted

When The Trust Melted

written by: Troy DeFrates


As soft as a caress, you melted upon me
letting your trust feel the safety you see
moving so slowly to live within your moment
not chancing to wake you with my movement

The poet wistfully dances
within the morning glee
as the sun tops the hidden hill
making the wet dew flee

Capturing a moment as delicious as rain
feel the wall of trust built from years of pain
telling you that this can be good, this can be real
no presence of games, making this surreal

The poet wistfully dances
with his morning warm ink
capturing the moment we shared
when your trust made you think

Can a man be this real, to steal my thoughts today
with this sweet poem, your heart he would sway
as he held you strongly in the shadows so tight
feeling his warm kiss, as we bid goodnight

The poet wistfully dances
a smile brought with a ping
as his tongue gently wets his lips
we know the true meaning

Daring two lovers to turn the spark into flame
melting our trust so that we feel the same
it is your heart I would yave, what I see in you
watch my actions and know I am true.

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