When The Veil Slips, poetry by Susanne Thomas at Spillwords.com
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When The Veil Slips

When The Veil Slips

written by: Susanne Thomas



I am scared
The squeals from outside claw at my ears
I bolt my door and turn off the porch light
Glittered princesses, cowboys, and short Slendermen come up my walk anyway

Bags knock against their shins
Parents follow them, smiling
They shout for me and yell

But I hide in the dark
And wait for the hours to pass
Cringing at each sound
I cannot open the door
They would see me
They should not
cannot see me

On this night only, my mask falls away
All that I hide
Everything I ignore
It pours out, bursts forth

My ugliness
My evil

The veils that keep it all hidden
Slip open
Exposing what I try so hard to cover

The squeals that terrify me
Would become screeches of fright
I will not face that

Instead, I will sit here
Hiding in the dark
Jumping at each knock
Horrified that someone might see

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