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When You Know

When You Know

written by: Troy DeFrates


When your personal net worth increases
with every conversation
with every look,
When you know that it is worth waiting for yourself,
and you are the prize, karma that only you can gift a lover.
Taking their breath away without realizing,
without hesitation,
with remorse…
Holding their emotions open handed
as they were freely given to you,
given to you to protect,
without warning, without discussion, unfairly.

Dropping the wine glass the lover would have
you capture their tears in,
shattering the pretense, shattering the illusion
that was endorsed by their starvation.
The astronomer’s gaze warned that the gravity
was becoming aesthetic, removing the gloss of lust,
burned by the heat of truth.
Despondence drives the overbearing lover
to filter the words of the texts through a baker’s sieve
hoping to catch any offending phrase to be apologized upon.

When you know that you would have your love freely given,
as the mourning doves play affectionately,
denying the other over heated avarice
denying the other smothering affection.
Allowing the other to drift to a shaded branch
where the heat of romance may be calmly dissipated,
signaling trespass will result in rebuttal,
creating a barrier of feathers
floating on the breeze after a hasty escape.

When you know that it is worth waiting for yourself
no longer keeping your love on a shelf,
When you know that you would have your love freely given
but only to a lover you can truly believe in,
When you know that the premature trust poured upon you is spilling over the small cup that time has had little space to create
finding a lover slowly as not to tempt fate.

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