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Where I’m At

Where I’m At

written by: devereaux frazier



I hate exercise

because no girl wants me anyway

so what’s the point in losing weight

I eat too much

because I love and hate myself

so what’s wrong with gaining weight

I don’t sleep

because I’m searching for a moment

of stability, even though I can clearly see my fate

I am content

believe it or not

because it’s not what I want, but it’s somewhat great

But I am not happy

or joyful, or particularly eager

Movements simply colliding into a quagmire of dates

I am grateful for life

and try to make the most of every day

but many days are broken lines

And I tear out nerves

with hundreds of different knives

trying to revive myself with one or two rhymes

but many days are full of broken lines

failed plots, and cardboard characters

and I stab myself looking for life hundreds of times

I crawl into another life

and hope the pain passes

under the steeple of the black rain do I lie

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