Whispers of Healing, a poem by Kelly Doheney at Spillwords.com
Christopher Windus

Whispers of Healing

Whispers of Healing

written by: Kelly Doheney


In the dead of night,
a wounded heart,
seeks newfound sight,
a new start.

Scars etched deep,
burdens yet to cease;
healing within every weep,
within each shattered piece.

Like sun rays on winter’s morn,
Soft as feathers fall.
The promise of healing is sworn,
Mending the soul’s wall.

Whispers of healing slowly but sure,
embrace the broken-hearted.
From the ashes rise a new birth;
From the past, they have departed.

Reclaiming strength, as survivors do,
a life is born out of the pain.
Healing resonates, a symphony anew,
Like sunshine brights after the rain.

Release the weight of yesterday gone;
Embrace the endless possibilities.
Healing is a treacherous journey to dawn,
To rid a soul of all its insecurities.

So let the whispers of hope guide your way,
Illuminating the transforming darkness.
For within your soul, answers await,
An identity made in God’s likeness.
Remember this: healing is yours to hold;
It’s waiting to renew your soul.
Answers you can cherish and behold,
For within your scars, a tale unfolds.

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