Why?, poetry written by Mary Daurio at Spillwords.com
Anita Jankovic



written by: Mary Daurio



How many times the question asked?
To what end?
Simple explanations for little cares,
Always easy to find an answer there.
How about the mighty fears?
Travelled down a million years.
In the mirror, I see my face.
And wonder why.
No, not to wash my face or brush my teeth.
Why at all am I here?
Taking space in this place.
Wise men and fools wade in.
God is strangely silent of late.
The sun sets in the east,
no west.
However He would like a shimmer on green best.
Why did He bother with mortal men?
A Bitter disappointment in the end.
I’ll ask you and you’ll ask me.
Around the table, the universe unfolds.
Do you believe everything you are told?

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