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Why Do You Cry, Mother?

Why Do You Cry, Mother?

written by: Benedict Hurley



For all mothers


Why do you cry, mother?
Why do you shed so many tears?
What did they do to you mother?
What did they say to hurt you so

I see it in your eyes
I see the loss and pain
You’ve always been so strong mother
Tell me what has caused this change?

“For 9 months I carried him
And loved him as he grew in me
For 9 months they locked me up
And in the end they took him away

They told me that I can never speak of him
I never got to hold him or even give him a name
They called me a sinner and my soul would have to pay
And God would punish me on my judgment day”

Oh, mother, how can they do this
How can they be allowed to cause you pain
How can they do this to someone so young
Why mother did they think this was all in His name

What kind of world do we live in
What kind of people are we
When we can stand in silence
While the real sinners can go free

Open up the door and throw away the keys
No child or mother should have to carry this shame
All so others can get away and claim it’s in God’s name



Written in memory of all those who have suffered due to the Tuam Mother and Babies scandal.

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