Why The World Stopped, poetry written by Aida at Spillwords.com

Why The World Stopped

Why The World Stopped

written by: Aida

Positive or not, with killer virus,
people must be self-isolated, away
from family, friends and loved ones,
due to global pandemic but, home
is where the heart nurtures and heals.

Humans need to be active and
productive but, troubled mind affects
harmonious life. Everyone is dealing with
COVID-19 issue, losing hope, sleepless
nights and depression set in.

Fears dominate us but, do not panic,
it’s a matter of time, it will heal soon.
Peace, instead of fear, be positive and stay
optimistic and the world will refuse to stop.
Let’s all be serious to end this biological war.

Let’s stand together to fight this tragic event,
by making the right choices to stay safe.
Together, with our aggressive steps to thwart
the spread of COVID-19, we will overcome this

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