Will We Never Learn? a poem by Staci-lee Sherwood at Spillwords.com
Ash Farz

Will We Never Learn?

Will We Never Learn?

written by: Staci-lee Sherwood



Out of the darkness creeps a twisted mind
The kind that shows true evil in all mankind

Why do so many feel pride in their ignorance
As they take joy in the killing of innocence

Haven’t we moved passed this era of death
Isn’t it time we stop and take a deep breath

What does it say about a culture of pain
And how too many live their lives in vain

What is it about the wolf that drives this sickness
That so many fall prey to this evil weakness

The hunters cold heart is black and shallow
They truly belong to hang in the gallows

How many wolves must die before sanity reigns
And where are all those who claim such disdain

For the slaughter of those who mean us no harm
Why have so many turned off their inner alarm

That spurs them to action to protect those in need
Now is the moment to stand up and take the lead

In contrast to our vapid and hollow death culture
The wolf lives a life of love, family and structure

Their howl echoes over the mountains and canyons
As they seek out their mate and lifelong companion

Raising their young in a world that hates them so
Unaware of all perils and what they do not know

Can we save the wolf before extinction comes for them
How do we change the maniacal minds of men

The beauty of wolves can be seen in their eyes
They possess a soul that many try to deny

The clock is ticking and their fate is unknown
Sadly our species has failed to have grown

Past the thrill of inflicting pain and suffering
Unto those least deserving of this type of smothering

Ask why hatred for wolves has such power
The answer lies within our lost connection to nature

Will the flame of anger and hatred forever burn
Yes, because we will just never ever learn

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