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Windy City

written by: Vickie Mryczko



And from the Heavens, He exhales his comforting breath on us.
A warm, satisfied sigh is felt; while watching the casually strolled, urban lanes.
As societies frustrations strengthen though, so do the increasing winds.
A steady howl begins to cross the city.
Injustice, heartbreak and disregard for people and their homes continues.
Disrespect for our neighbors and their protectors, a moral and literal crime.
As the winds increase, so do the turning tides rise.
The Angels wings beat with fury and speed, unseen.
Gale forces created, wrap and weave amongst all.
Blow away the deception, sorrow and fear.
Banish the darkened hearts who have no pride for their surroundings.
Change the direction of negative thoughts.
Sweep the streets clean; so that all may live, love and thrive safely together...within our windy city.

Vickie Mryczko

Vickie Mryczko

I am a single mom, who has been through some stuff. I have always enjoyed writing. There is no greater joy than being able to share my words, written or spoken. My hope is to be able to inspire healing, confidence and self motivation.
Vickie Mryczko

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