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written by: Nicole Jia


I want to be a frail little angel
so I can fly up and away.
A diet to I shall be faithful
and I will achieve my goal someday.

Every week I'll get thinner and thinner
until my teeth rot and my hair fall out.
Even with only a hundred calories in my dinner
I'll purge if I eat an extra bean sprout.

Every day I'll be tempted by the evil,
by the wicked, the high fat and the calorific.
Too embarrassed to eat in front of people,
I swear my hunger will be mirific.

One day when I am just skin and bone
my shoulder blades will burst out to reveal,
a set of wings I'll brace on my own
and only then, shall I enjoy a meal.

Nicole Jia

Nicole Jia

A teenager who expresses her thoughts and feelings through writing.
Nicole Jia

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