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Winter Is My Favorite Season

written by: Jazmyn Benjamin


Winter is my favorite season, maybe because of the glistering reflection of the snow, or maybe the crisp breath when exhaling and watching you breathe and be in awe as it disappears into the sky, or possibly moving your hands fast together to try to take away the unfamiliar numb sensation from the freezing temperatures, it could be a lot of things, I enjoy them all...but they don’t even compare to you, I believe I love winter because it’s the last time I saw your beautiful face, and seen that once in a lifetime smirk on the right side of your cheek that was blushed with a tint of cherry red.. right above was a strain of blonde hair curled so perfect off your earlobe. You were my favorite season. The time we spent together was cherished and treasured. The days may have been slow but looking back now we were running out of time and we never even knew it ... The moments spent with you are my favorite. As leaves begin to change and without realizing how much time has passed they’re soon fading into different colors. As the season comes to an end the leaves slowly descend from the lingering limb with no life left to cling onto the limb, the leaves have then perished on the ground. Crumbling sounds echo from afar as the leaves are stepped upon, left a rhythm so majestic that it followed alongside the leaves as they were spun into the sway of the dancing wind, sounded like a forgotten song that never was heard. The next season they returned just as mesmerizing as remembered, but the difference is you never came back... like a flower without water, it doesn’t grow instead it dies... you were my favorite season, without you I’m lifeless. I’m the flower that never bloomed back to life. Pleading to return to the familiar season of winter I once knew, screaming but no matter how loud I roared I was left unheard.
You were my favorite season.

Jazmyn Benjamin

Jazmyn Benjamin

My name is Jazmyn Benjamin, I'm a soul writer. I paint my canvas with my words and tell my journey.
Jazmyn Benjamin

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