Witches with Stitches, poem by Susan DiPronio at Spillwords.com
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Witches with Stitches

Witches with Stitches

written by: Susan DiPronio



Witches with stitches
goblins with problems
howling banshees lost in a maze
ghosts who can’t float
they just hang and mope

Can this really be?
Don’t hesitate, don’t delay.
It’s about to be All Hallows Eve
send help right away!!

Will the night of treats be a trick?
Will any of them show?
These ambassadors of darkness
are so very low.

Happy demons be damned.
We must make it right.
Mix this potion and that
before Halloween night.

Add a star or two and a slice of moon.
Catch a whiff of cauldron steam
spiraling around the room.
Gobble apples soaked in sweet wine
seasoned with a magic brine.

Fly high into the naked sky
even the stars have gone away.
Chant loudly so loudly
bring them all back today!

Skeletons rise to rattle and scare.
Spirits come dance and howl
don’t disappear.
Brooms without witches mustn’t
clatter about without a care.

Call the spectral medic!
Time is running short!
A powerful spell is needed to sort this all out!

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