Withered Whispers, poetry written by Asceticquill at Spillwords.com

Withered Whispers

Withered Whispers

written by: Asceticquill


I separate the backside
of your flora sigh
bending the jade waterfall
of your sapphire simper,

only to coruscate
in the singularity
of your crucified tear,

I swallow the shrapnel
of your origami animosity
to root trenches within
my pinpricked chassis,


some assembly
always required
syphoning your
decipher of atrophy
as I sleep in the
velvet dissidence,

a pillbox of
voodoo parables
read at nap time
to rubicon sunrises,

ride the spiral zephyr
shed remnants of
bolides embedding
in a whimpered chaparral
blooming swarthy
cynosures of redemption,

a swirling vortex of
reflective fragments
crisscross the bleeding
steeple of your congregation,

pieces of my
misguided courage
bind the stub
of a brevity ticket,

as your crystal war drum
beats in the strained ligament
of withered whispers

coaxing my beam to
slither into nothingness.

Your giddy caricature
emblazoned your facade
mask of opaqueness
crawling within my
admiring addiction,

abducting indentured
split and ingrained
from a martyred

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