Women, I See, a poem written by Nivedita Roy at Spillwords.com

Women, I See

Women, I See

written by: Nivedita Roy



I see the life of women
life of a sufferer
A cascade of give ups
A story of devotee
Devoted for bringing peace
Absorbing the absurd negativity
The goddess
Mother of this world
Yet the most tormented
I see the women
I see her blurred eyes
Blurred with the immense pain
With the infinite tears
that she never ever led to flow down
This wife of monsters
This womb of devils
She never knew
They’ll turn down this way
A beauty with scar
Cursed with struggles
I see the women
Oh I wish you too could have seen
She is star with soul of fire
She is dusk with the brightness of none in the universe
When she’ll be shown to you
You’ll beg for all hells you gifted her with
But mighty you!
A speck of her..
She isn’t like you to smash you
Because in that position where she is
Everything is fumed
She’ll love you anyway
She is heart of all hearts
She’ll let you live anyway
But after then you’ll be no more you
Either you’ll die
Either you’ll bring the woman out of you.

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