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Wonders of The Night

Wonders of The Night

written by: Arnab Ranjan Shee



Wonders of the night
Then there’s wonders of the light;
Tell me, O lonely traveler
In which you shine so bright?

Trembling in the twilight
You gaze upon the sky;
Alas, the selfish dawning light
You think and question: why?

You stare in the horizon
Cussing and bidding farewell;
For the time has come when you shall
Know your place too well.

O the Stars steal their thunder
Outshining them to dull;
For miles above and yonder
The traveler descends to sull.

You hear the blackbird mocking them
As you wish that they could stay;
But the ruthless one has once again
Chased the wolves away.

You sulk and cleave unto the breasts
Of vision as you fade;
For once again your time shall come
And you’ll be marching your parade.

As the muzak of cosmos holds none against their sight,
For he knows quite well in which he shines the bright.
Ye be the rebeller, yet you frown upon your right,
Tell me O lonely traveler, about all the wonders of The Night.

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