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Woodend Christmas

Woodend Christmas

written by: Cristina Munoz



Thirty-five degrees at nine am
and that’s in the shade,
I’m so wearing a t-shirt, shorts combo
throughout Christmas Lunch today.
Champagne is chilling fast in the freezer.
The Weber’s orange coals are burning off to grey.
I’m going to cook my famous Seafood Paella,
while enjoying my first extra cold Asahi Beer.

After spending weeks putting together
this years ‘Xmas Mix’ playlist with great care,
the music sounds perfect, so crystal clear
coming through my new Bose iPod speaker.
Our two daughters are singing along,
sitting side by side by the Christmas Tree,
playing happily with all their new toys.
Now Mum and Mita can get working
before the doorbell begins to ring.

Together we get the table set properly,
a majestic theme of gold, silver and red.
Being of Spanish blood my duties include
cleaning Port Arlington mussels, and clams,
peeling two kilos of fresh King Prawns,
finishing up with chorizo tapas for all.

Birdy is delighting in the background,
singing her cover of  ‘White Winter Hymnal’,
helping no time pass before we’re done.
Foods prepared. Home looks gorgeous.
It’s time for everyone to have lots of fun.

I can’t imagine a Woodend Christmas
without Marg’s special Christmas pudding
hanging on the edge of our back decking.
I love the way it swings gently in the breeze
surrounded by protective gumtrees, making
Christmas as Australian as Christmas can be.
It keeps sending a festive welcome message,
for close family arriving up the drive way to hear,
while a mob of grey kangaroos get clear.
The Summer holidays are happening.
It’s Christmas Day in ‘Hoburdia’ again.

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