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Glen Carrie



written by: Fay Marmalich-Vietmeier



Words can be TRUTH or words can be lies
Words can be foolish or words can be WISE

Words can be crooked & words can be straight
Should you be HONEST or do you hesitate?

Words can wound or words can HEAL
Words of strife .. our peace can steal

Words can DIVIDE .. or words can ignite
A nation .. a family .. to fight or UNITE

Words can make or break a deal
.. break us apart or help us heal

Words of LOVE .. can hate erase
Like soothing BALM .. strife replace

Words can take you captive & words can set you free
WELL-REASONED words can make a plea
.. even help us better see ..

Harsh words can turn a heart to stone
“Kind words” it is said can “heal bones”

Let us first our words REHEARSE
For words can BLESS or words can curse

And human speaking is an art
Words do reveal what is in the HEART.

Words are the bricks that build the house we live in.

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