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Words of Freedom

written by: Darrena Strawder


Sad to say this life's not fake
Our choices prevail leaving those who love us un-failed.
Upon my life, my travels lead to the struggles I made
My intent to shine made those puzzle pieces hard to find.
I am my reason for bad causes or a mess I made.
my parents believed I was the best.
Not understanding my knowledge was in vain.
read it again your hate for me is the same.
On the sideline in silence scared to be who I am.
Watching the crowd pass me by they enjoyed I was behind.
But my mind continues to react leaving me on top in my world I hop.
Not afraid of all you claim I love me even without your fame.
As I stand tall holding a big orange ball.
Loving myself was all I needed to stall.
I’m no longer scared of the setbacks I overcame.
I’m proud of who I am, so stop wanting me to be slow and insane.
None of us is perfect so unclog your own drain.

Darrena Strawder

Darrena Strawder

I love reading poetry, writing, blogging, making jewelry pieces, traveling and much more.
Darrena Strawder

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