World Pandemic, poetry written by Kim Willoughby at
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World Pandemic

World Pandemic

written by: Kim Willoughby


Media in a frenzy
Political agendas abound
Conspiracy theories all around
Everybody feeling down

People sick and dying
Causes panic buying
Make-shift morgues, mass graves
This is such a disgrace
To the human race

Cleaning, disinfecting
Washing our hands
There all cracked
Lotion be the next thing gone from the racks

I laugh, I cry
I watch TikToks
And time flys
Little Debbie is my new best friend
Don’t judge my cart
Chocolate is essential to me
During this insanity

One minute it’s don’t wear a mask
The next we need them
The virus comes out with every breath
The symptoms are confusing
I feel like we’re losing
Not enough testing being done, just want to run

Trump says all tan and abrupt
“America is strong this will not last long”
Next time it’s more somber news
America stay home
A lot refuse, spring breakers and such
These people got me in a rut

I’m worried about our mental stability
Parents teaching their kids and working from home
People all alone, some with no homes
Ones without jobs
Companies collapsing
It leaves me gasping

Essential workers fearing for their lives
While whole families decide to go shopping in town
They’re doing their best to hold the fort down
Please stay to your side

Medical supplies diminishing
Healthcare workers crippling
Governors commissioning
What the hell am I witnessing

No sports, no school
In a state of unruly
Will we pull through
No haircuts, no gym
In distress, it’s all a hot mess

Sick of the news
Social media too
I don’t want to use
But my mind has refused

Laughing hysterically
Sobbing inside
Feeling like I’m losing my mind

Collusion, Illusion
Are we in a simulation
Seems like we should have been better prepared as a nation

I feel like we are going to have some
PTSD scars
Afraid to touch another
Afraid to hug our brother

I see compassion, I see hate
I see resilience, I see brilliance
We will emerge from the other side
We will take it all in stride

Hopefully, we’ll learn a lesson or two
And be prepared for the next
Freakin virus
Ready and waiting with our finest

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