Wounded Bird, a poem written by Mountassir Aziz at Spillwords.com

Wounded Bird

Wounded Bird

written by: Mountassir Aziz

translated by: Nassira Nezzar


A wounded bird
as a deserted silence

He takes breaths
On his way to silence
On a tree without sprigs
Its leaves and fruits
have been stolen

He neither twits nor flies
His eyes are in the sky
on flying swarms
in pleasure
His stomach
waiting the sunrise
In the sun of sea
The sunset

In the coming of darkness
and the dew of dawn
He dreams of the jungle
and space
It is the healing of universe
doesn’t have a confession
with force majeure
Night scene
The shrine is a guide
and the hate of a dry trunk
collapsed by storms
and rains
His death dreams of death
Rejection of land
It has a trap and mud
He loved the sky
with its justice and purity

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