Write To Survive Identity Crisis, poetry by Amrita Valan at Spillwords.com

Write To Survive Identity Crisis

Write To Survive Identity Crisis

written by: Amrita Valan



Oh what an atomised sob fest
To connect
To cleave to cleaves
To hold the thread
Past perfect
Epistemological thread.

Roll call of atoms
Rich sea of hydronic ions
Plump and plucky
Charged to exchange

A post-modern cabaret
Sacred swapping of sips
Gulp down this
Holy Grail of
Conformity and
Accept all difference.

Thank goodness
I passed muster!

Socrates I feel for you!
Hemlock and Cyanide
Studded pips
Shan’t snuff me out.

I can shout brand
New positions
From the rooftops of
Turn my coat
Inside out
On hearsay.

Flash mobs
Can bring about
My Arab spring

But where in this
Is the time
For deep reflection
On innermost being?

I exalt, I exult to exist.
To be able
To write about it
But can I say?
Who it is
I truly am today?

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