Y'all Have No Idea!! written by Pearl Bams at Spillwords.com

Y’all Have No Idea!!

Y’all Have No Idea!!

written by: Pearl Bams


You don’t know pain until morning and afternoon looks the same to you
Until evening and night becomes your nightmare
Y’all don’t understand. …

You don’t know pain until u can’t see your own shadow
Until your footsteps give u chills
And just a leaf falling from a tree gets your heart beating
And your inner self tells you to give up
Y’all have no idea. …

You don’t know pain until u have to attend a video lecture
And all you see are just shadows of your own mind
And just stupid little shadows playing hide and seek with your mind
And you have to pretend you’re seeing everything and you’re taking notes
Y’all don’t understand. …

You don’t know pain until u have to go out with your friend
And all you think about is whether you’re gonna survive the day or night
When people worry about what they’re gonna wear and all got to think about is whether your eyes gonna fail you or not
Y’all have no idea. …

You don’t know pain until taking a walk at night doesn’t cross your mind
I mean that’s what normal people do right?
Until all you think about is just be home and get undercover
When your social life is at zero
Your phone becomes your best friend
Your television becomes your social life
And u spend all your time writing poems about how you feel but can’t go out there to share them with people
Y’all don’t understand. …

You have no idea what pain is until you have to squint to recognize a friend at a distance
When you can’t see a vehicle coming your way until it is a few feet from hitting you
When you have to strain your eyes to read a writing on a billboard or a magazine
When you have to squint and all that comes out is pain…leaving your eyes with blood-shot tears….your mind exhausted
When your eyes keep failing u all the time
And all you got to do is trust in God to show you the way.
Y’all have no idea. …

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