Year End Tale Of Life, prose-poetry written by Aida at

Year End Tale Of Life

Year End Tale Of Life

written by: Aida


Yes, we will all leave this earth but once…
Any good deeds that I must do, I must do it now. Any opportunity to share kindness with my fellowmen, I must oblige… for I will never be given the chance to go back on what I miss behind.

Every creature has a purpose here on earth and not just sitting around and let the day pass by. Time is linear, very precious to miss every minute of it, for the cycle of life will go on and on but not on the passing of time.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Words are complicated, how they create another meaning to another person. Precisely, say the words .. I love you, when was the last time you’ve said it.

How about your bucket list, haven’t
done what you’ve been dreaming.
Was your life’s goal, achieved yet.
Ah, you do believe in destiny.
You think we can reset our time …
back in time to finish what’s left.


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