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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

written by: Robbie Masso



The written word
The Great Escape
The end of loneliness
The beginning of confidence

I hate how I look
but in the movie
playing in my head
I look and speak how I want

You do too
You look beautiful here
jumping from ink spot
to ink spot
comma to period

The clothing in the real world
doesn’t compliment me
not like the words do

You don’t even have to hear my voice
You can add your own
and make me sound perfect

Your brain makes the scene’s lighting

camera angles


suit you
exactly like you’d want them to

Come with me
see people’s minds on paper
nude for all to see
vulnerable and comforting

You’ll have friends you could
never find out there
You’ll know more about these people
etched in pen and sweat
than anyone made of flesh

Yes, there are people that match your intellect
Yes, there are people that share your hobbies
Yes, there are people that understand

These people exist
in the raw meaning of the word

Use that gift between your ears
Take the spray paint off your third eye
Get the television’s spoon out of your mouth

Find your soulmates from around the world
the people that complete you from history
Past – present
Twain – King
Whitman – Bukowski

Hide in the forest
Dance in freedom of speech
Rejuvenate your youth
Expand your view

How beautiful are the shivers
running up

and down

your spine
when you read that line of relation
reminding you that you are not alone

You are never alone

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