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You Can’t Take The Pain Away

You Can’t Take The Pain Away

written by: Amanda Eifert



You can’t take the pain away,
You can try to undo it,
Choose your own adventure, another ending.
But you can’t take the pain away,
It’s taken a seat and it’s here to stay.
You can beat it to a pulp, you can kick it out the door,
But you’ll only feel that much worse.
Because you tried to hide the pain away,
Ignoring how your stomach felt,
Hollow and helplessly afraid.
You can’t take the pain away,
There is no medicine strong enough
There is no cure but perhaps death or time?
But that sharp gaze, your eyes, that smile,
Will forever be what I remember.
You can’t take the pain away,
A sliver throbbing and infected.
You might lose a limb or an eye,
And it’s not like it will matter.
It will hurt the same, just worse,
But it won’t ever fill your bleeding heart.
Stitch the sides to hold together,
Until someone else will come along and he’ll do the same.
Shoot you in the back as the last guy did;
He’ll run away and forget,
Make excuses, he couldn’t make it work — neither could you.
The truths a poison slowly numbing you to everything,
But for sharp knife twisting inside your lungs,
Who needs air when there’s startling pain to breathe?
You can’t take the pain away,
Every photo every glimpse, every word,
Are paper cuts leaking profusely.
I heard new love heals the pain,
But I don’t know if love can heal what once love was.
For now All there is, is a void, a black hole in space,
A star that once glimmered, grew, and sparked off a bonfire in the sky.
It was almost as bright as the sun on the red horizon,
And the Aurora Borealis gleaming shades of a cool rainbow.
In the northern sky alive and shimmering purple to green,
And when star collapsed nearby,
It was bitter suffering.
Worse than the pain that still lingers on,
Is my own lack of effort for never reaching out.
Now it’s too late, now time has passed,
Now you’re some distant splintered memory.
And the black hole eats at my heart,
You can’t take the pain away, no one can
And there are no more tears, for they’ve All been cried,
For as long as there’s been love,
Unrequited love has lingered,
Cracks in a soul that can never be made perfect.

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