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You Have My Word

written by: Rakind Kaur



as the plastic engulfs my planet
as fossil fuels corrode my forests
as progress sends us into regression
as humanity sentences itself to death
I take on the responsibility
to nurture the gardens
where hope grows
and love blossoms
from the depths of my soul
a seed will sprout
when everything seems lost
it will hold its leaves high
and fight the mighty war
until spring comes again
and the flowers bloom
inviting us all
to come back home.

You can hold me to it. I give you my word.

Rakind Kaur

Rakind Kaur

I'm an artistic soul that can't quite live without exploring all expects of art. I'd probably die painting in my garden. I've been that way since I was born. Passionately in love with nature, trying to find ways to express it. Poetry spills out with breath from me and I can't look at even trash without admiring its aesthetic. If you ever spot me anywhere, I promise you'll find me either laughing or lost in beauty that no one's yet spotted.
Rakind Kaur

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