You, Seedling, a poem by Jeff Flesch at
Igor Rodrigues

You, Seedling

You, Seedling

written by: Jeff Flesch



like a seed growing up through the ground

you were born, and the mystery
continued to confound

me, relating to the breeze was always so easy
and, yet

the little one cradling my finger
was our seedling, beautiful

with an air

of the love at the center of life’s turmoil and care

Did we dare? We did.

and, then you were born, it was like starting all over again
while we listened to our kin

we decided to do it as we thought best

I remember

you always rested your head on my chest, and
when you gave me your heart

it was of a size
and sparked like the stars in the night

and, when I looked into your eyes?

a tear dropped from the sky
blanketing us both in a love that would stand the test of time

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