You Were Wrong written by Linda M. Crate at

You Were Wrong

you were wrong

written by: Linda M. Crate



you wanted to change me
everything needed to go
nothing in me could be salvaged
as i was

yes, i was depressed,
but it wasn’t because i was always
lone in the house
it was because no matter how much i tried

no one would give me love;
couldn’t find it at home or at school
always faced condemnation, scorn,
and bullying—

my tears were my alibi
prayers to God to save me from all
this heartache
now that i am free you are kind,

but it doesn’t erase all the times
you broke me like my bullies at school
always testing my limits to see how far
you could take me until i broke;

made me feel like i was nothing but a burden
to everyone in my life including my mother
i was too afraid to ask anyone for anything including help
because you always made my needs seem so trivial

who the hell were you to make me feel so little and small?
i thought fathers were supposed to bless their daughters,
and to help them through life;
you were the blade shoved through my heart

twisted and pulled until i bled
nothing i ever did was good enough although i tried to
be the perfect daughter i was never going to be because you
decided that you hated me from the start—

it’s okay, i’m not that scared and sad little girl
anymore that misses her daddy;
now i am the harpy
born of the right circumstances ready for war.

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