Young Ari in Spring, a poem by Laurie L Byro at

Young Ari in Spring

Young Ari in Spring

written by: Laurie L Byro


with apologies to Cummings


All in tabby went my love a stealthin’
on silent pads of pink
into the dazzled dawn.

All in hope went my love a stormin’
with fiendish jaw, with needled paw
into the crooked dawn.

Four squirrels scold, tails a twitchy
The merry hare ran before.
Faster be than needled jaw,
the swift brass hare,
the brave bold hare.

Four wild pie-balds on a rough twigged hammock,
the cruel monarchs reign before.

Naked with prayer went my love a stalkin’
Riding his hope-paws down
into the silver grass.

Four crass mice sank fast and tauntin’.
The fields of flowers raced before.
Quicker be they than slippered paw,
the sneaky mice, the sleekit mice.

Four fleet moths at a bold sunflower,
the humbled kitten kneels before.

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