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written by: Dariusz Pacak


give birth to the ripe fruit
abounding of existence
from outside the calendar
of human achievements

reveal a certificate
beloved to your being
dragged from there
where The Whole lasts
free in the Time Temple
outspread defiantly
against every horizon

as eternally alive shine

and that you would be able
in the heart of the miserable
a spark from the borderless altar
to submit, Poet




zrodź owoc dojrzały
soczysty istnieniem
spoza kalendarza
ludzkich dokonań

wydaj poświadczenie
twej istocie umiłowane
przywleczone stamtąd
gdzie Całość wolna
w Świątyni Czasu trwa
rozpostarta na przekór
każdym horyzontom

jak wiecznie żywy błysk

i abyś zdołał
w sercu ubogiego
iskrę z ołtarza bez granic
złożyć, Poeto

Dariusz Pacak

Dariusz Pacak

DARIUSZ PACAK - poet & essayist, born in Poland, settled in Austria. He holds MFA Degree (Art University), Poland 1998 and Honorary Doctor Degree of Literature (WAAC), USA 2011, has authored 4 books, included in over 60 World Anthologies, has about 140 worldwide publications in literary magazines, besides 120 on the web. Dr. Pacak has been honored with Pentasi B (Philippines) Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 (India Poetry World Festival, Hyderabad, India 2017), with world’s prestigious Naji Naaman’s Honor Prize for Complete Works (Beirut, Lebanon 2016), et al., is regularly invited to attend a number of international festivals and congresses in America, Europe, Asia, Africa.
Dariusz Pacak

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