Yowl of The History, poetry written by Casper Allen at Spillwords.com
Hermes Rivera

Yowl of The History

Yowl of The History

written by: Casper Allen


Kneel down and repent for you have sinned.
In this town, you fail to see those unseens;
Trudge the steep cliff and hold the lethal knife.
Stabbed thyself to free from one’s life.

Filthy lucre won’t be sealed, neither from one’s money.
Alack! No au revoir shall be said, for they inscribe rapacity.
Nestle in the arms of perils—won’t be freed from the angels.
Bestowed solace thru the guise and besiege for some lies.

Behold these men who kill just not to die—
Bespeak Words to gratify death—to beatify.
Deceive, for greed makes them alive.
Perish, not to escape, neither hide—divulge truth; revive.

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