Celts and the Mad Goddess

Celts and the Mad Goddess, a series by P.C. Darkcliff at
When the raiders chase her into a swamp, Rawena falls into the furry claws of Goddess Pandemia. Despite her murderous instincts, Pandemia lets Rawena live—and turns her into a pawn in a mad game. Only Garux, a warrior who has rejected Rawena for her younger sister, knows how deadly the game is. With the cards stacked against him, he must defeat the jealous Rawena and the cunning Pandemia… while fighting foreign invaders and traitors within his tribe.

Heart Strings

Heart Strings poem collection by PMMurphy at

The Heart Strings series by PMMurphy describes the heartache of losing a close relationship, and the struggles of finding a new one.  This is one man’s way of viewing the romantic side of life and the things he thinks about it.

Letters of Love

Letters of Love series at

Letters of Love is an homage to the soulful love a human being can feel. Emotional depth and passion for eternal love come to life in these poems.

Life’s Verse

Life's Verse at

A collection of Haiku with sets of ten by Adam Wessel. They are the bond which he makes, through this subtle expression with the world and senses around him. Expression of even the unseen between, here and there.

Locust Hill

Locust Hill series at

Locust Hill details the struggles of an independent, small acreage farm family, that of Jim and Cassandra Russell, in the Mid-Ohio Valley region of West Virginia. With Cassandra as the narrator the novel relates Cassandra’s discovery of a world just outside her hometown that she never expected – a somewhat quaint rural village where people survive and maintain their community by helping one another. During their life together, Cassandra learns that her husband is the very embodiment of this spirit.

London Haiku Project

London Haiku Project series at

The London Haiku Project is a collaborative venture that depicts micro-moments of city life in haiku form. With the abundance of creative launch-pads that London provides (the landmarks, the people, the places) the project seeks to exhibit the interactions that go on all around us that we often miss. With contributors from all over the world, the LHP is incrementally building up a unique picture of London, made by the many, mini brushstrokes of micropoetry and the Haiku form.

My Brooklyn

My Brooklyn Series at

Presented by a Brooklyn girl, born and bred, My Brooklyn, lives and breathes in each and every childhood memory and all her girlhood dreams. A section that’s near and dear to her heart. This body of work is a celebration of Brooklyn; past, present and future.

On Poetry and Fiction

On Poetry and Fiction series by Phyllis P. Colucci at

Poetry and Fiction start from just “one word”; which then becomes one idea, one sentence, one poem or one story. This series is part of a Literary Collection, which encompasses the beauty of Poetry and the make-believe world of Fiction through the magic of words. Poetry will explore the mysteries of love and life through rhyme and free verse, while Fiction will actually take you there, and place you in the middle of the action, along with the characters.


Passages, a series by Gerry Stefanson at

The view of adventures at sea, that may be planned or happen by poor judgement, and lack of fear – to life as it unfolds. As within and without our grasp. His passage has known tragedy, under-pinned by deep loss, and great joy. His wake breaks by surviving cancer, a bout of blindness, loss of a child; yet cuts the surf of fulfillment. Joy with a love affair of nudging fifty years, and a daughter and family, to share their dreams and
new horizons. These poems partner a life at sea to a life as lived.

Poetry Press: This Was 2016

Poetry Press: This Was 2016 series by Kirstin Maguire at

Your “previously on” feature to real life events. Bringing together the highlights of events that moved us, these selected poems from the current affairs collection are a little memento of our joined experiences of 2016. After all, it’s by remembering our past that we create our future.

Prompting MR. QUIPTY

Prompting MR. QUIPTY at

A series, where Spillwords members and social media followers send their prompts to MR. QUIPTY, and he uses his muse to come up with poems to those prompts.

Robyn Finds Poetry

Robyn Finds Poetry Series at

Robyn Finds Poetry is a collection of haiku, found poetry created by Robyn MacKinnon, using the statuses of her Facebook friends, along with some cartoons she made to go with them.

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye series at

A woman battled cancer 5 times over 20 years, finally succumbing in April ’18. Her husband of 50 years, a writer, wrote the “Saying Goodbye” collection to cope as the final ordeal began, and through the year of grief since. Veterans of the cancer world, they knew this one was fatal as soon as they heard “non-small-cell lung cancer, Stage IV”. He’s making these public to share a grief journey that is all-too common, for any comfort it may offer.

Spotlight On Writers

Spotlight on Writers series at

A series, consisting of short interviews with Spillwords writers, where you’ll get a closer look at their creative persona as well as some personal insights into their lives.

Tanka Collection

Tanka Collection at

Dendra D.M. evolves Classic Japanese Tanka poetry through an introspective approach. Emotions and love are abound in this series of 5 line poems.

Voices on Skin

Voices on Skin - Poetry Series by Beth Tremaglio

Throughout this series Beth Tremaglio’s desire is to take you, the reader, on a journey as an economy declines. A personal glimpse, and a very intimate look into the heartache and loss, of losing everything one has worked for. Her aim, to convey intimate emotions of real people struggling with life’s challenges.

When Olivia met K

When Olivia Met K, a series by Michael McCarthy at

Do you ever really know your lover? The life and loves of a formidable woman of magnetic allure and her enduring lover.

Without Reason

Without Reason series by Alyssa Brocker at

Without reason is a series for the confused, the lost, the people crying in their car because they just don’t know what else to do. It’s about relationships, not feeling wanted, not knowing how to feel and knowing that, that’s okay. Written only from post-it notes, along with honest photography. It’s the thoughts we never get the chance to write down.

Words of Seduction

Words of seduction series at

Words of Seduction is a series of poems inspired by the feminine form and written to celebrate the strength and beauty that lie within each and every woman.

The 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas submission at

An enchanting series, featuring an array of authors and literary works that embrace the Christmas Holiday and the sheer joy of this festive season. Within each piece, you will uncover the magic of Christmas traditions and all the reasons that make it the most wonderful time of the year.

The 13 Days of Halloween

13 Days of Halloween series at

A series, showcasing authors and their diverse literary creations, capturing the true spirit of Halloween. Whether it’s Trick or Treating, exploring ghosts, goblins, black cats, or unraveling superstitions, this compilation promises to both send shivers down your spine and entertain you.