Spillwords Press - About Us

Spillwords.com is the home for all that live and breathe words, spilled or inspired, through literature of every genre, from writers and poets of every walk of life. A place where classic, modern, and contemporary writers and writings thrive.


A genuine expression that can be conveyed in any literary form. Spillwords are the thoughts, reflections and deepest feelings and emotions, that expose our most private frailties and exalt the best of a writing community which transcend the obvious and shares the extraordinary.


Because we are passionate about the world we inhabit and are aware that there is more than one perspective on life and the realms we live in. We encourage individuality via the medium of a written word and are committed to presenting it in a fair platform where all literary forms are accepted and celebrated without prejudice.
At Spillwords Press, we espouse the philosophy that words matter, and imagination is the seed of accomplishment. When you join Spillwords, you will gain a door to the world not only through our website but also via social media. Once you submit your original content, our team of editors will ensure your work is presented responsibly in addition to crafting a visually compelling presentation of each work. Our mission is to give both, published and independent writers, a place where their works can have the proper exposure to readers, writers, other literary communities as well as publication firms around the world.
Our passion and commitment to writers and readers began in 2015 with the promise to be the true free press of the people. With each passing day we reaffirm our vision of being the voice from New York City to the world.
JOIN our literary movement and become part of an unparalleled globally dynamic community.
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