2AM, by Kalina at Spillwords.com



written by: Kalina



2AM, when you’re still awake
right when you start to break
and you’re sitting on the floor
teary eyes and messed up hair
your face is red from crying,
and your eyes are swollen too,
you feel like you’re dying,
and no one cares for you.
you try to yell, but
you don’t make a sound
you feel so lost, like
you’ll never be found
you’re all alone at 2AM
nowhere to go, without a friend
that’s when you pick up the phone
and dial me in
you cry out all your tears
while I just listen
Then you tell me all the pain,
the hurt and abuse,
your words keep on coming,
all strung up and loose
but once you’re done,
you know you’re alright,
and you can finally sleep tonight.

Because sometimes you don’t need a solution,
you just need someone you love to listen.
you need to know that someone cares.
I care.

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