A Fading Friendship, poetry by Ojoh G. Chinweze at Spillwords.com

A Fading Friendship

A Fading Friendship

written by: Ojoh G. Chinweze



Just as a mirage, you fade at closure
A friendship of unimaginable pleasure
Going away with the wind
Flying on heavy wings, so far away
The closeness breaking away
Melancholic thoughts like a sun ray,
Piercing through the window of my heart
Leaving it to rend apart
A friendship judged to be strange,
Judged to be a mere mirage
But was that so now?
Where are you and the vow?
I remembered, my illusion became bright as the day
I believed it would not drain the union away
All the times we chatted along
And wished it would last forever
But she is gone!
But for your face I still yearn
Patiently waiting to see it again.

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