Deborah Jane

Whole, by Deborah Jane at


Whole written by: Deborah Jane   Be whole Separate is deficient The whole is a must All the pieces together Complete the puzzle...
Set Course at

Set Course

Set Course Found Poetry by Deborah Jane   Set course Test wings 24/7 skies A blessing in disguise Somewhere a heart sings Lucky we all have wings...
IDC Nation at

IDC Nation

IDC Nation a poem by Deborah Jane   Shame that not enough people seek the truth, for they are neither me nor you. IDC Nation= I Don’t Care Nation an...
Go Green at


Green a poem by Deborah Jane   This day I deem I feel  as if a noble queen A feast of green Clovers shall gleam Color of peace a verdant dream Creating...
Never at


Never poetry by Deborah Jane Inter Bloom Suns ray Snows flurry Winds breeze Rains drop Sky, heavens Watch over What surrounds Nature, life On or below the gro...
Ade at


ADE micro poetry by Deborah Jane don’t care what we call this spade card deck of low grade liberty not a chip for trade freedom must never fade...
Kiss at


KISS a poem by Deborah Jane K Love I Physical S Friends S Smile Fits like a glove possibly love May be a bust only about lust Perhaps a bash, la...
Deborah Jane

Deborah Jane

Yours truly, the small child grew to a vertically challenged adult. Never diminutive in passion, Strength, or courage. An innate creative power pack, evoked a continuous deluge of words . This emotion led to lead and papyrus .