Love, a poem written by ~jf at Spillwords.com


Love written by: ~jf @juliefrith   In camouflage you sat rugged, forlorn, distant, unseen Your pain palpable I watched helpless, train lines betwee...
Strangers written by ~jf at Spillwords.com


Strangers written by: ~jf @juliefrith   In the solitude of my quiet mind I pass by unseen, I am nothing to this world. I see the beauty and devastat...
Full Circle written by ~jf at Spillwords.com

Full Circle

Full Circle written by: ~jf @juliefrith   The journey of souls passing this way and that, destined for someone, something, or not, each step took us ne...
Morning Light written by ~jf at Spillwords.com

Morning Light

Morning Light written by: ~jf @juliefrith   To love you feels like the sun rising infinite beauty in fiery cloak, at first the storm hot, humid, noisy,...
Hope written by ~jf at Spillwords.com


Hope written by: ~jf @juliefrith   When the world around you falters and all seems lost a song, a promise, a simple act of kindness brings you to you...


About me... It's all about you... Humanity is our greatest asset, we must unite this world for the sake of our planet our future and our sanity. Passionate about people, freedom and creativity, peace loving book lover and mum to three independent free thinking women. Love and be loved j X